Spotlight: Liskow Helped Pass Legislation Supporting Carbon Capture Initiatives in Louisiana

Liskow Helped Pass Legislation Supporting Carbon Capture Initiatives in Louisiana


The State of Louisiana passed legislation that will go into effect on August 1, 2022, that highlights the state’s commitment to energy transition initiatives. The legislation expands a project operator’s rights to qualify for financial incentives to promote carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration for projects in Caldwell Parish, the site of Strategic Biofuels’ Louisiana Green Fuels (LGF) Project. Read more about the legislation here.

Strategic Biofuels hired Liskow lobbyist Neil Abramson, a former state legislator, to advocate for this bill. “Liskow is uniquely suited to address emerging energy initiatives such as carbon capture and sequestration, and we look forward to continuing to assist companies in advocating for legislation that will make Louisiana a leader for energy transition projects,” said Abramson. Liskow is also providing regulatory advice and counsel for the Strategic Biofuels project. 

The firm’s deep legal experience in the energy industry, coupled with its government and regulatory experience, equips the firm’s carbon capture team with an unmatched understanding of the technical, legal, and business challenges companies will face in the CCUS sector. Various legal hurdles are implicated in these projects, and our team can address aspects of a growing carbon capture business, providing both near-term ability to address early project components, and broader skills available as carbon capture and sequestration operations expand. 

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