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BP is Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

Liskow is proud to partner with BP, a company with a demonstrated commitment to diversity that is establishing a standard of excellence for us all. To encourage diversity efforts within the industry, BP has created the BP Legal Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Award. Liskow is honored to be the recipient of the inaugural D&I Award. 

Congratulations to BP for making diversity and inclusion a focus in the workplace. “Building a diverse BP where every employee is valued is one of the ways we’ll succeed together. It really is that simple,” says CEO of BP, Bob Dudley. 

BP Diversity and Inclusion

In Support of the Environmental Needs of Louisiana

The Calcasieu River Waterway Harbor Safety Committee has recognized Liskow & Lewis lawyer Louis Buatt “for his exceptionally innovative thinking and his steadfast support of the Calcasieu Ship Channel and the environmental needs of southwest Louisiana.”

The Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District maintains the Wetland Restoration Escrow Account — a reserve account under the supervision of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. 


Ingram Trial Victory Upheld

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit on November 21 refused to overturn a trial decision in favor of Ingram Barge Company, the nation’s leading inland marine carrier. The appeals court affirmed Ingram’s defeat of lawsuits arising from a 2013 barge accident in which 200 residents of the town of Marseilles, Illinois, alleged they suffered severe flood damage in excess of $10 million from a rising Illinois River.

Ingram Barge

The National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum features a rich collection of artifacts that bring history to life. From D-Day galleries to the 4D cinematic experience, Beyond All Boundaries, from the soaring US Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center to the groundbreaking new Campaigns of Courage, this world-renowned history museum is designed to inspire visitors through stories of heroism, tragedy, and liberation. This video provides a preview.

The National WWII Museum

Fifth Circuit Rules For Luv n' care: Unpatented Products Can Be Given Patent-Like Protection by Contract

In an important breach of contract case involving the overlay of intellectual property and contract law, Luv n’ care, Ltd, a global leader in the design and sale of innovative baby products, secured a key appellate in its suit against a former distributor, Groupo Rimar, a.k.a. Suavinex, S.A. (“Suavinex”), for breach of Suavinex’s contractual obligation not to copy any of Luv n’ care’s product designs.

Baby products

Bisso Marine

Located on the bank of the Mississippi River since 1853, the Bisso family has long been a part of the American maritime and offshore oilfield history. The story began in the 1870's when Joseph Bisso constructed handmade wooden rowboats to ferry passengers and commodities across the Mississippi River in New Orleans. 

Offshore Energy Infrastructure Contractor