Chevron Corporation is Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

On August 21, Liskow lawyers Jana Grauberger, Kelly Becker, Assistant Leader of the firm’s Energy Practice Group, Tiffany Davis, Chief Diversity Officer, Alma Shields, and Hilary Soileau accepted the award on behalf of the firm at an awards ceremony in Houston.

Shareholder and Liskow Board of Directors Member Jana Grauberger said “Chevron ‘gets’ that a diverse and inclusive environment allows for a true team approach, which results in better legal advice and innovative solutions to help Chevron achieve success in its business endeavors. I personally am a better lawyer, a better leader, and a better person based on the relationships, opportunities, and learnings developed over the course of a career working with the diverse group of lawyers in Chevron’s Law Function.”

The firm’s commitment to and progress in pursuit of increased diversity has received similar recognition from industry associations as well as other client partners. In 2017, BP recognized Liskow with the inaugural BP Legal Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Award.

Liskow's dedication to diversity is evident in its hiring trends and recent initiatives. In the past year, the firm has hired 26 attorneys and nearly 70% of the new hires are diverse. In addition to recruiting diverse attorneys, Liskow understands the importance of developing, promoting, and retaining them. The firm’s success in that regard is underscored by the fact that minority and women attorneys occupy many important leadership positions in the firm. In addition to efforts made to enhance diversity within the firm, Liskow has supported and introduced initiatives to support its clients. For example, the firm will host a diversity webinar in September for in-house lawyers where recognized diversity and inclusion speakers will lead an interactive discussion of what’s working for corporate legal departments in terms of diversity and inclusion, including best practices for the procurement of outside counsel.

´╗┐Liskow's commitment to diversity is driven not by external pressures. Rather, it is rooted in a belief that the firm's clients are best served by the experience, expertise, and perspective that is the byproduct of rich diversity.

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