SCOTUS Decides Significant Decision for Maritime Industry

This decision set up a split in the circuits, because three years earlier the en banc Fifth Circuit in McBride v. Estis Well Service held that punitive damages were not available under the rationale of an earlier Supreme Court case, Miles v. Apex Marine.  The six justices in the majority opinion reversed the Ninth Circuit and resolved a circuit split on this issue.  Affirmance of the Ninth Circuit view would have harmed American shipping interests.

For more information about this important industry decision, visit Liskow & Lewis’s blog for an article written by maritime lawyer Don Haycraft.  Also listen to Don analyze the decision on a podcast hosted by The Federalist Society.  For questions and additional information about how this decision will impact other personal injury maritime claims, contact Don. 

Don Haycraft and Jacques Mestayer submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of Waterways Council, Inc.