Our environmental legal team assist clients navigate complex environmental obstacles on a daily basis.  The environmental legal team focuses exclusively on these issues. We add value to our clients' operations by providing an effective balance of technical skills, regulatory experience, and an unparalleled vertical integration model you will not find at any other law firm.

The Liskow & Lewis environmental legal team is experienced, well trained and uniquely qualified to address the most complex environmental issues confronting industry.  Many of our lawyers have more than twenty years of experience practicing environmental law and have extensive technical backgrounds in areas such as environmental and chemical engineering and geology.    Some of our lawyers have Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees in environmental law and have served in executive positions and represented the regulatory agencies that impact our clients’ operations. This unique combination of technical skill and environmental law experience and training, along with governmental regulatory experience enables Liskow & Lewis lawyers to identify and develop complex integrated strategies that incorporate technical and legal components, as well as understanding and anticipating how an agency will likely evaluate a specific issue to overcome any regulatory challenges our clients will face.   We reject the misconception that a tunnel vision legal strategy is an effective solution to confront these challenges.

Our clients often encounter legal challenges that require a multi-disciplined approach to effectively solve these issues. Our entire legal team – environmental, business, real estate, litigation, and tax – collaborate daily to develop proactive strategies for every potential issue that may impact your bottom line. 

Our Team