Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge has been Louisiana’s state capital since 1849 and is known for its rich French and Spanish history. The “Red Stick City” is located in Southeast Louisiana and is the fifth largest city on the Mississippi River. Baton Rouge boasts a combination of geographic, economic, political and workforce assets that consistently land it among the top-performing regions in the country. In 2015, Baton Rouge experienced an uptick in job growth and announced more projects than they had in a decade. 

The city is known for its arts culture and food scene, making it a hub for unique festivals all year long. Baton Rouge is also home to many museums and historic landmarks, such as the U.S.S. Kidd Veterans Memorial and Museum, Louisiana Art and Science Museum, Houma’s House, Myrtle’s, and Oak Alley Plantations. 

Baton Rouge is where you find Death Valley, the home of the LSU Tigers. The state’s flagship university is known for its stately oaks, broad magnolias, and Southern hospitality. 

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