This Week in Panama: Ray Waid To Present on Legal Issues Involved in the Recent U.S. Navy Collisions


Ray Waid is traveling to Panama this week to give a presentation on legal issues involved in the recent U.S. Navy collisions off the coasts of Japan and Singapore.  The USS FITZGERALD and USS MCCAIN collisions occurred within months of one another and resulted in 17 deaths and well over $500 million in property damage.  While the investigations are still underway, several senior Navy officers have been relieved of command.  The topic is of particular interest to Ray as a maritime lawyer who navigated a Japan-based, U.S. Navy destroyer for three years prior to attending law school at Tulane.

Ray's presentation is part of the Eighth Annual Oslo-Southampton-Tulane Colloquium.  The Colloquium is an annual event organized by the law schools of Oslo, Southampton and Tulane Universities, three of the leading centers for maritime law globally.