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Third party Access to Infraestracture in the United States
By: Grauberger, Jana L. ; Downer, Joshua P. June 22, 2016
A Conversation with Tara Kelly of BP 
By: Holtzman, Shannon Skelton ; Davis, Tiffany Delery June 1, 2016
"Our Texas Heritage: The Summer of the No Deductions Clause"
By: Theriot, Robert L. ; Downer, Joshua P. November, 2014
Energy Litigation
"The Federal Government Seeks to Exert More Control"
November, 2014
"Contractual Indemnity and Insurance: The Basics," Liskow & Lewis Oilfield Indemnity and Insurance Seminar, October 30, 2014, Houston, Texas
By: Golemi, Michael A. ; Scalise, Kelly T. October 30, 2014
Maritime, Oilfield and Insurance
"E&P Wetlands Compliance Strategy: Nationwide Permits"
By: Holden, Robert E. ; Pietras, Lesley Foxhall October 9, 2014
Environmental Law
Defending Preference Actions: Understanding Your Rights as a Creditor
July 14, 2014
Complex Business, Bankruptcy and Utility Litigation
"Utility Air Regulatory Group v. EPA: The Sequel to Massachusetts Arrives"
January 14, 2014
Environmental Law
IPD3 Chapter 13 IP and Antitrust Law
August 13, 2013
Business Litigation
GenOn REMA Third Circuit Decision
July 23, 2013
Environmental Law
Houssiere 3rd Circuit Opinion
June 6, 2013
Energy Litigation
Remarks for New Lawyers Induction Ceremony
May 22, 2013
Indemnity in Deep Water Indemnity Agreements Offshore and the Deepwater Horizon
By: Golemi, Michael A. April 29, 2013
2011 Arbitration Update
By: Wooley, Andrew March 23, 2012
Business Litigation
The Texas General Arbitration Act Allows Traditional Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards – Nafta Traders, Inc. v. Quinn
By: Wooley, Andrew March 23, 2012
Business Litigation
The New Texas Assignment of Rents Act and its Impact on Future Real Estate Loan Transactions

David J. Weiner
August 10, 2011
Real Estate Law
Intellectual Property Issues & Employment Law
By: Maloney, Marilyn C. ; Wooley, Andrew June, 2009
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law
By: Douglas, Dana M. June 9, 2009
Intellectual Property
The Business Case for the Recruitment and Retention of Minority and Women Attorneys
By: Douglas, Dana M. December, 2007
Business Litigation
Bankruptcy Reform Can Impact Commercial Real Estate Counsel
By: Rubenstein, Michael D. March 12, 2007
Complex Business, Bankruptcy and Utility Litigation
"From President Truman To Governor Blanco: The Continuing Saga Of Federal-State Revenue Sharing"
March, 2007
Energy and Natural Resources Law
"View From The Platform -- The Coastal States' Impacts On The Federal Offshore Leasing Program"
February, 2007
Energy Litigation
Is Temporary Judicial Relief Available Ancillary to Arbitration?
By: Wooley, Andrew July 3, 2006
Business Litigation
Picking Up the Tab and Taking Officials For a Ride -- Being a Lobbyist is Easier Than You Think
By: Robert L. Theriot
March, 2006
Energy and Natural Resources Law
Subject Matter Jurisdiction in Antitrust and Business Tort Litigation
Business Litigation

Duty To Restore The Surface (Implied, Express, and Damages)
By: Robert L. Theriot

Energy and Natural Resources Law
Hurricane Katrina News: After The Storm
By: Douglas, Dana M. December, 2005
When the Carrier and Insured Part Ways: The Insured's Right to Independent Counsel
By: Brown, James A. ; Holtzman, Shannon Skelton June, 2005
Business Litigation
Special Report on Legal Specialization: Keeping Watch
By: Angelico, Robert S. April, 2005
Civility Costs Nothing
By: Lafitte, Gene W. 2004
Class Action Reform Meets Challenge of Combining Fairness with Accessibility
Business Litigation
Onshore Drilling Contracts: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Form Drilling Contracts
January, 2004
Energy and Natural Resources Law
Leaving Communities Behind: The Evolving World of Environmental Justice
By: Holden, Robert E. August, 2003
Environmental Law
Louisiana Gaming Developments
By: Bennett, Wm. Blake 2003
Business Law
Insurance Tips: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
March, 2003
Business Law
The Window of Correction for Fair Labor Standards Act Violations
By: McGoey II, Thomas J. February 18, 2003
Key Considerations in Construction Projects Related to Deepwater Operations
By: Pugh, William W. 2003
Maritime, Oilfield and Insurance, Construction Law and Litigation, Energy and Natural Resources Law
Vacation Policies and the Louisiana Wage Payment Act
By: McGoey II, Thomas J. December 10, 2002
Control Without Restraint - The Interplay of Antitrust and Trademark Laws in the Franchise Relationship  (with Marie Breaux)
Business Litigation
Louisiana Gaming Developments
November, 2002
Business Law
Master Service Agreements and Risk Allocation: In Whose Good Hands are You?
By: Pugh, William W. August, 2002
Maritime, Oilfield and Insurance, Energy and Natural Resources Law
A Bull Market for Investor Claims: Disputes Between Customers and Brokers/Brokerage Firms
By: Denegre, Jr., George ; Anjier, John C. 2002
Business Litigation
Louisiana State Law Institute Studies Louisiana Tax System
By: Exnicios, James C. May, 2000

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