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U.S. Fifth Circuit Affirms Application of the Subsequent Purchaser Doctrine in Oilfield Contamination Case
By: Hunter, Jonathan A. ; Becker, Kelly Brechtel ; Gonski, Kathryn Zainey ; Wheeler, Elizabeth S. April 19, 2017
U.S. Fifth Circuit Holds that Unpatented Products Can Be Given Patent-Like Protections by Contract
By: Reisman, Carol "LuLu" Welborn ; Holtzman, Shannon Skelton ; Gonski, Kathryn Zainey April 10, 2017
U.S. Fifth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Levee Board’s Lawsuit Against 97 Oil and Gas Companies
By: Becker, Kelly Brechtel ; Brown, Laura Springer March 6, 2017
Derivatives: Non-cleared Swaps Variation Margin Update – Limited Relaxed Enforcement by the CFTC, Prudential Regulators and European Supervisory Authorities
By: Skinner, Nina Bianchi March 1, 2017
Business Law
Airspace Rights in Louisiana
By: Bennett, Wm. Blake ; Sinclair, Spencer January 11, 2017
Fifth Circuit Limits Effect of Collateral Source Rule Under General Maritime Law
By: Reid, Devin C. ; Baynham, Alexander J. November 29, 2016
By: Grauberger, Jana L. ; Gordon, Collette R. July 15, 2016
SEC Issues Two Updates Dealing With Business Continuity Plans
By: Anjier, John C. July 14, 2016
Texas Supreme Court Rules Oil and Gas Producer Not Entitled to Sales Tax "Manufacturing Exemption"
By: Marullo, Jillian June 23, 2016
Derivatives: ISDA Announces 2016 New York Law Variation Margin Credit Support Annex
By: Skinner, Nina Bianchi May 6, 2016
Business Law
 DOJ Aims to Increase Prosecution of Individuals in Corporate Investigations
September 16, 2015
U.S. Fifth Circuit Limits Vessels’ Obligations Under Louisiana One-Call Reporting
By: Reid, Devin C. September 15, 2015
EEOC, DOL and NLRB Expand Reach of Labor and Employment Laws
By: McGoey II, Thomas J. ; James, Kindall C. August 17, 2015
Louisiana Supreme Court Denies Plaintiff-Landowner’s Writ Application in Legacy Case Dismissed on the Basis of the Subsequent Purchaser Doctrine
By: Norman, Joe B. ; Becker, Kelly Brechtel ; Lapeze, James E. ; Gonski, Kathryn Zainey May 4, 2015
Consequences of the Louisiana Public Records Doctrine Exception
By: Bennett, Wm. Blake ; Breaux, James L. August 11, 2014
Business Law, Real Estate Law
Defending Preference Actions: Understanding Your Rights as a Creditor
July 14, 2014
Complex Business, Bankruptcy and Utility Litigation
2014 Louisiana Legislative Update: Pipelines
By: Simone, Matthew July 7, 2014
Energy Litigation
Supreme Court of Texas Sides with Liskow Amicus Brief on Behalf of TXOGA
By: Marullo, Jillian June 25, 2014
Energy Litigation
Can You Keep a Secret? Your Company’s Confidentiality Policy May Violate the National Labor Relations Act
By: James, Kindall C. May 6, 2014
Labor and Employment Law
BSEE Creates Legal Uncertainty about BAST Determinations as it Rewrites Offshore Safety Regulations
By: Holden, Robert E. ; Moreno, Carlos J. January 7, 2014
Environmental Law
Fifth Circuit Seeks Clarification from Texas Supreme Court Concerning Deepwater Horizon Insurance Dispute
By: Pugh, William W. ; Almy, John October 8, 2013
Maritime, Oilfield and Insurance
U.S. Fifth Circuit Denies Claim for Royalties on Hedging Activity
By: Norman, Joe B. ; Kornick, Cheryl Mollere August 5, 2013
Energy Litigation
The Importance of Addressing “Gender-Stereotyping” and Other Forms of LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace
By: James, Kindall C. April 17, 2013
Labor and Employment Law
Takeaways from El Paso Field Services, L.P. v. MasTec North America, Inc.
By: Kittrell, James T. February 14, 2013
Energy Litigation
Mansfield Authors Chapter in Louisiana Mineral Law Treatise
January 15, 2013
Energy and Natural Resources Law
Key 2012 Environmental Regulatory Developments Affecting the OCS
By: Holden, Robert E. ; Moreno, Carlos J. ; Dicharry, Sarah Y. January 2, 2013
Environmental Law
Zoning and Building Restrictions
By: Breaux, James L. November 28, 2012
Real Estate Law
Louisiana Enacts Benefit Corporation Statute
September 19, 2012
IRS Office of Chief Counsel Issues Guidance on the IDC Tax Preference for AMT Purposes
By: Bradford, John T. September 12, 2012
Texas Supreme Court Holds JOA Exculpatory Clause Applicable to All Activities of the Operator
By: Grauberger, Jana L. ; Theriot, Robert L. September 5, 2012
Energy Litigation
Louisiana Legislature Modifies Oilfield Cleanup Legislation
June 4, 2012
Environmental Law
Retirement Plans Compliance Alert: Failure to Withhold Loan Repayments
May 7, 2012
Employee Benefits
NLRB Continues to Define the Limits of an Employer’s Ability to Control Employee Social Networking
By: McGoey II, Thomas J. ; James, Kindall C. April 2, 2012
Labor and Employment Law
Texas Has a New Construction Anti-Indemnity Act, But How Will it Work?
By: Pugh, William W. ; Almy, John February 28, 2012
Construction Law and Litigation
Legislative Update: What Minerals Coverage is Left Under Texas Title Insurance Policies?
By: Weiner , David J. February 6, 2012
Business Law, Energy and Natural Resources Law
Shell v. Ross: Another Setback for Texas Royalty Owners Claiming Underpayment of Royalty
By: Kittrell, James T. January 3, 2012
Energy and Natural Resources Law, Energy Litigation
Environmental Updates
By: Moreno, Carlos J. ; Pietras, Lesley Foxhall December 20, 2011
Environmental Law
Texas Law Became More Business Friendly in 2011
By: Wooley, Andrew October 25, 2011
Business Litigation
Plan Participant Disclosure Rules – Compliance Alert
By: Snyder, Randye C. October 3, 2011
Employee Benefits
Medicare Secondary Payer Mandatory Reporting
By: Davis, Tiffany Delery September 19, 2011
Maritime, Oilfield and Insurance
Potential Increase in Criminal Liability for Clean Water Act Violations
July 28, 2011
Government Investigations
and White Collar Criminal Defense
Unlicensed Contractors Beware: No Lien Rights Under the Private Works Act
By: Menasco, Carey L. ; Olivier, Dena L. June 28, 2011
A Significant Decision in the Marshall and Vaquillas Cases: Texas Supreme Court Rules in Single Opinion on Fraudulent Concealment and Limitations Title
By: Moreno, Carlos J. May 25, 2011
Energy Litigation
Smokeless Tobacco Not Subject to Tax in Louisiana
May 11, 2011
Louisiana Standardizes Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLSTs)
By: Adams, Marguerite L. May 2, 2011
Wills, Trusts and Estates
Louisiana Supreme Court Issues Opinion in Marin v. Exxon Mobil Corp.
December 9, 2010
Energy Litigation
New Louisiana Statute Limits Indemnity in “Construction Contracts” (La. R.S. 9:2780.1)
By: Lowe, Mark A. November 29, 2010
Liskow & Lewis Named to The National Law Journal's Midsize Hot List
July 20, 2010
Income Tax Returns for Oil and Gas Producers: Computing the IDC Preference in the Alternative Minimum Tax
By: Bradford, John T. April 5, 2010
USCIS Increases Scrutiny of H-1B Employers
By: James, Kindall C. February 1, 2010
Pension Protection Act:Looming Deadline and Key Changes for Defined Contribution Plans
By: Snyder, Randye C. September 1, 2009
Labor and Employment Law
The New Age of Minerals Coverage in Texas Title Insurance Policies
By: Weiner , David J. August 26, 2009
Time is Running Out on the Louisiana Brownfields Tax Credits
By: Holden, Robert E. ; Johnson, Greg L. August 13, 2009
Environmental Law
Determining the “Adjacent State” for Choice of Law Purposes under OCSLA
By: Pugh, William W. May 4, 2009
Texas Supreme Court Decisions
April 2, 2009
Can Lender Liability Claims Defeat Coverage Under a Title Insurance Policy?
By: Adams, Marguerite L. March 30, 2009
Recent Developments on Judicial Estoppel
By: Menasco, Carey L. January 30, 2009
Gulf Of Mexico Lease “Price Threshold” Conditions Held Unlawful
January 21, 2009
Diamonds May Not be the Only Things that are Forever:
The Texas Supreme Court announces its decision in Wagner & Brown v. Sheppard
December 30, 2008
Amendments to ADA Afford More Protection to Employees
By: McGoey II, Thomas J. ; Wooley, Andrew ; James, Kindall C. October 13, 2008
NORM Litigation on the Rise in Louisiana
By: McNamara, Mark L. September 29, 2008
The Status of Greenhouse Gas Regulation – Keeping Your Cool About Hot Air
By: Johnson, Greg L. July 9, 2008
Decision Rendered – Controversy Regarding Insuring Against Punitive Damages Continues
By: Pugh, William W. May 28, 2008
"Are Your Trade Secrets Protected?"
By: Douglas, Dana M. May 19, 2008
Survivor’s Guide to E-Discovery
By: Haycraft, Don K. March 25, 2008
Louisiana Supreme Court Reaffirms the Traditional Three-Part Test for the Sales and Use Tax Raw Material Exclusion
By: Angelico, Robert S. ; Exnicios, James C. February 21, 2008
Bankruptcy Update for Commercial Landlords and Tenants
January 2, 2008
Liskow & Lewis attorneys have recently submitted briefs on behalf of amicus curiae in three significant oil and gas cases before the Supreme Court of Texas
By: Theriot, Robert L. December 3, 2007
Recent Indictments Serve as Reminder That Communication and Collaboration Among Competitors Can Still Lead to Significant Antitrust Risks
October 29, 2007
Constantly-Shifting Demographics in Hurricane-Damaged Areas Warrant New Jury Venire Studies
By: Seiler, Scott C. ; Wilmore, Charles B. August 30, 2007
Recordation of a Notice of Mineral Lease
By: Mansfield III, James N. July 24, 2007
Has Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Become More Clear?
EPA and Army Corps of Engineers Publish Joint Guidance
June 26, 2007
Good News For Texas Employers
By: McGoey II, Thomas J. ; Wooley, Andrew March 16, 2007
Determining Vessel Status in the Fifth Circuit
March 5, 2007
Liskow & Lewis Wins Reversal of False Statement Conviction
By: Holtzman, Shannon Skelton December 1, 2006
Employment Law Update
By: McGoey II, Thomas J. ; Wooley, Andrew August 31, 2006
Selected Non-Litigation and Pre-Litigation Issues Arising After the Storms: A Three-Part Series - Part 3
By: Golemi, Michael A. July 17, 2006
Provisions of Newly Promulgated Act 312 Relating to Oil Field Legacy Sites
By: Lapeze, James E. July 5, 2006
Selected Non-Litigation and Pre-Litigation Issues Arising After the Storms: A Three-Part Series - Part 2
By: Golemi, Michael A. June 6, 2006
Selected Non-Litigation and Pre-Litigation Issues Arising After the Storms: A Three-Part Series - Part 1
By: Golemi, Michael A. May 16, 2006
Post-Hurricane Litigation
April 20, 2006
Secured Creditors' Right to Insurance Proceeds
March 29, 2006
Inaugural Issue
November 10, 2005

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